Saturday, February 23, 2008

“Intersections” by Roberta Duchak (Jazz Artist from Illinois(IL))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Roberta Duchak with a GrIndie award for their CD "Intersections"!
"Intersections" by Roberta Duchak is a vibrant assembly of delightful jazz tunes. In these broadway-influenced tunes, Roberta's perfect pitch and flowing tone fuse to create the most seducing component of "Intersections." The excellent vocal performances are nicely complimented by top notch musicianship. "Let Me Sing" shows off Roberta's beautiful tonal texture and the passion that she puts into her performances. "Seasons Of Love" stands out as extremely melodic, memorable, and musically compelling. Moreover, "Raise the Roof" takes an enjoyable venture into the upbeat sounds of Spanish-flavored jazz. Lyrically, Roberta crafts tunes of joy, love, pain, and fun with great skill! Brilliant production that allows Roberta's captivating voice to stand out above the instrumentation brings this CD to a nice close. Fans of Jane Monheit and Nancy Wilson will find genuine pleasure in the beautiful music on this CD!
-Xavier P. and
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