Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Across Time" by Kathy Moore (Jazz Artist from Michigan(MI))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Kathy Moore with a GrIndie Award for their CD "Across Time"
"Across Time" brought to you by Kathy Moore will please your ears with an organic sound and beautiful vocals....with style. Kathy has one of those timeless voices. Very reminiscent of Karen Carpenter and of Joni Mitchell. Playful, but serene at the same time. The arrangements behind her vary nicely on this CD - Keeping to a folky, earth driven theme and inserting jazz, world and western feels. The musicianship and recording quality are both very high. "Blueberries" is a fun jazz number with playful vocals and a swinging jazz accompaniment. "Winter Sky" is an intimate piano/vocal piece that needs nothing more. "One Walk on the Beach" is tons of fun with a calming Island feel. If you enjoy folk or jazz music, or timeless female vocalists such as Joni Mitchell, you'll enjoy this CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team

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