Wednesday, July 9, 2008

“Sleeping Giants” by Vali&saxolution (Jazz Artist from Austria)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Vali&saxolution with a GrIndie Award for their CD "Sleeping Giants"
"Sleeping Giants" by Vali&saxolution is a remarkable smooth jazz collection that leaves a lasting impression. Demonstrating great talent and skill, this CD serves up some very soothing piano and saxophone-led compositions. The recording is cystal clear, allowing the finer details of the instruments to push through. Moreover, the percussion arrangements on this album employ great creativity and hold these tunes together like glue. Everything about this CD, including the interesting songwriting, and especially the musicianship, is top notch. "Fly" demonstrates the mesmerizing sax melodies that bring these instrumentals to life. "Paris" introduces a very nice electric guitar lick, adding to the instrumental diversity. All around, this album radiates musical passion, creativity, and excellent production. This is an excellent addition to any jazz collection.
-Xavier and the Reviewer Team

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