Sunday, August 10, 2008

“Changes” by Robert Payne (Jazz Artist from South Africa)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Robert Payne with a GrIndie Award for their CD "Changes"
"Changes" by Robert Payne is a jazz CD that demonstrate's Robert's exceptional talent and versatility. Taking center stage on this CD is Rober's virtuoso jazz piano skills. Robert nicely changes his style on different tracks throughout the CD. Regardless of the style, his piano work makes for great listening. The production and recording quality are excellent, allowing the outstanding individual instrumental work to cut through the recording clearly. This is truly a rare experience. Each instrument is nicely highlighted in the recording, for instance the flute in "Satisfy your Soul." The Sax solo in "Diminished Dreams" pulls and draws energy from the surrounding drums and keyboard. The piano work displayed in "Realization" is exquisite and followed in that selection by an impressive sax solo. If you enjoy listening to master musicians showcase their talents into finely crafted tracks, you'll enjoy this excellent jazz CD.
-Lea & The RadioIndy Team
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