Sunday, August 10, 2008

“Harmon Nicks” by Sean Garvey (Jazz Artist from San Francisco, California(CA))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Sean Garvey with a GrIndie Award for their CD "Harmon Nicks"
"Harmon Nicks" by Sean Garvey highlights Sean's amazingly innovative acoustic guitar style. Althought the acoustic guitar work on this CD is mesmerizing and complex, the songs are very enjoyable from a casual listeners perspective. The CD is filled with innovative acoustic guitar work and a nice variety of style. The CD makes us wonder why more of us don't use non-standard acoustic guitar tuning. The simple production nicely allows the intricate sounds of the acoustic guitar to shine through in the recording. "The Waltz of the Caterpillar" is a quick moving, upbeat composition to get the heart started. "Gravity" does what one would expect. It tends to center the fabric of the CD with strength and vitality. The strong finger work on "Salvia Envelope" displays Sean's impressive talent. This CD is a great selection for anyone who enjoys acoustic guitar music.
-Lea & The RadioIndy Team

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