Sunday, August 10, 2008

“Looking Forward to Remembering the Future” by Stanley Sagov (Jazz Artist from Boston, Massachusetts(MA))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Stanley Sagov with a GrIndie Award for their CD "Looking Forward to Remembering the Future"
"Looking Forward to Remembering the Future" by Stanley Sagov is a soothing and serene collection of jazz tunes that demonstrate an intricate exploration of versatility. This album is exceptionally unique, and thereby irresistible. These compositions stretch the boundaries of traditional jazz forms with their fluid, ever-changing natures and use of ambient sounds. This is especially notable in "Falling With Didgeridoo." Moreover, the variety and intricacy of the individual musicians on "Friday Night At The Cadillac Club" denotes the highly-skilled and innovative instrumentation that is not easy to duplicate. The piano work on "2 Chord, Toobad" is strong and forceful. This song also flaunts some great trumpet and sax solos and duos. "Hope For Peace Piece" slows things down a bit and exudes a heavenly piano intro. Furthermore, "Stanley's Kwela" adds a light Latin jazz flavor, giving a glimpse of the versatility of these accomplished musicians. Topped with unmatched production, this CD is a must-have for the jazz enthusiasts.
-Lea & The RadioIndy Team
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