Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Sing me a Song...please!" by Lynette Louise (Jazz Artist from California(CA))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Lynette Louise with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Sing me a Song...please!"

"Sing me a Song...please!" is truly an original album from singer/songwriter Lynette Louise that draws from both mainstream jazz and honky tonk country. Lynette's loungy vocal performance pairs nicely with either genre, and she takes full advantage of this with incredibly diverse and solid arrangements. Lynette is a renowned international autism expert, having taken a number of children with autism and other special needs under her wing and caring for them like family. This selfless life experience certainly glimmers forth in her songs. She is a great lyrical storyteller, as she sings about the importance of love, both toward God and children, and, as a listener, you hang onto every word. "Sing me a Song...please!" is well-recorded, and Lynette's lyrics pierce through the arrangements perfectly. "Sing Me a Song" is a jazzy and lyrical number with great yearning vocal delivery and a nice build-up. "Used to Listen" gives the listener a first taste of Lynette's honky tonk side with the incorporation of the violin, a pleasant group vocal, and great lyrics about prayer, love, and family. Though it seems an unconventional combination, Lynette Louise has put together ten inspiring tracks that draw from both jazz and honky tonk, highlighting her strong lyrical talent. Fans of either of these genres, check out this strong album from a good person.-Chris & the RadioIndy.com Review Team
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