Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Soup:Jazzing The Blues" by Robert Soup Campbell (Jazz Artist from Kentucky(KY))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Robert Soup Campbell with a GrIndie Award for their CD "Soup:Jazzing The Blues"
"Soup:Jazzing The Blues" by Robert Soup Campbell is a collection of classic blues songs and jazz numbers that features Soup's energized and emotional vocals sitting above an excellent rhythmic groove. The sound quality of the album is very raw and "analog," giving it a cool retro flavor. "Soup" has a great grittyness to his voice and his blues vibe is distinct. The band is tight and accomplishes the feat of "Bringing it all together." Highlights are the cover of "Born Under a Bad Sign," which pays tribute to Soup's excellent voice. "Baby, Tell Me What You Want Me To Do" (Recorded Live) puts the true energy of the band in perspective - a classic blues dirge with a little harmonica. "The First Time I Saw Your Face" is a touching Jazz number that features strings and a strong vocal performance. If you like Ray Charles, you'll enjoy this CD
William and the Reviewer Team

"Speak Low" by Bari Hyman (Jazz Artist from New York City, New York(NY))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Bari Hyman with a GrIndie Award for their CD "Speak Low"
"Speak Low" by Bari Hyman is a classic Jazz album that puts you right in front of the fireplace with a glass of Brandy. Bari's voice is earthy, rich and her lyrics are delivered gently with a touch of flair. The band behind her is top-notch and there is no shortage of sounds with 7 different instruments to tickle your ear drums. The arrangements are classic and yet innovative. Highlights are the opener "Moonlight in Vermont," which displays the full sound of the band with a high-energy, all inclusive arrangement. The title track "Speak Low," is the most naked of all the tracks and showcases Bari's beautiful voice. "It's Magic" features some beautiful guitar work along with another fine vocal performance. If you enjoy female jazz vocalists you'll like this one.
-William and the Reviewer Team

"Under The Radar" by Andy Roberts (Jazz Artist from Pennsylvania(PA))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Andy Roberts with a GrIndie Award for their CD "Under The Radar"
"Under The Radar" by Andy Roberts is a Progressive Rock album rooted heavily in Jazz. The arrangements are highly advanced, yet effectively retain listenability. The music on the CD has a great energy and the tracks clearly demonstrate the extremely high musicianship level of Andy and the other top-notch musicians on the CD. Both the male and female vocals complement the sound very well. You'll notice a constant lounge vibe throughout the twists and turns of these adventuresome songs. Highlights are the opener "There I Was," a high energy number with a lot going on and some cool changes. "Trance Dance" has a very creative arrangement and keeps you on your toes."King Ool" wraps it up nicely with some fine piano work and a fusion of ambient sounds. If you enjoy progressive rock or jazz/rock fusion, you will enjoy this one.
-William and the Reviewer Team

"You Mean We Get Paid for This?" by The Juggernauts (Jazz Artist from Kentucky(KY))

RadioIndy is pleased to present The Juggernauts with a GrIndie Award for their CD "You Mean We Get Paid for This?"
"You Mean We Get Paid for This?" by The Juggernauts is quite a thrill to the ears. Taking sounds from the 20's, 30's and 40's, The Juggernauts not only produce an attention-grabbing musical atmosphere, but also hook listeners with their witty and creative lyrics. Listeners are sure to smile and groove their way through this entire voyage. The instrumentation on this CD is of top-notch quality, and exhibits great diversity. One standout track is the fun-filled, upbeat "Let's Misbehave." The only thing this song is missing is a naughty giggle. The slide flute solo is simply priceless. "Nagasaki" is downright wacky, as you can imagine, and features some scatting and overall vocal nuttiness. "My Window Faces the South" is a down-home-number that features some nice fiddlin'. If you like a little twang mixed with a little fun and a little boogie, you will surely enjoy this one.
-William and the Reviewer Team

“Hardly Ever” by Anya Thomson (Jazz Artist from United Kingdom)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Anya Thomson with a GrIndie Award for their CD "Hardly Ever"
"Hardly Ever" by Anya Thomson is a very groovy and memorable jazz collection that had us amazed. WOW! This CD demonstrates great talent, superb musicianship, and top-notch production that portrays a very live feel. "Sleuths, Scoundrels, Saints And Sinners" introduces listeners to the very beautiful vocal performances of Anya. Her pitch-perfect, airy vocal tone adds a thick emotional atmosphere to these songs. Lyrically, these songs are poetically sharp, emotion-invoking, and quite memorable. The upbeat "Good And Wrong!" flaunts some very audacious instrumental runs, including a very memorable piano and saxophone run. Bearing the whole-package, "Hardly Ever" is one album well worth a listen for any jazz fan, and also any pop music fan that enjoys artists such as Norah Jones.
-Xavier and the Reviewer Team

“Sleeping Giants” by Vali&saxolution (Jazz Artist from Austria)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Vali&saxolution with a GrIndie Award for their CD "Sleeping Giants"
"Sleeping Giants" by Vali&saxolution is a remarkable smooth jazz collection that leaves a lasting impression. Demonstrating great talent and skill, this CD serves up some very soothing piano and saxophone-led compositions. The recording is cystal clear, allowing the finer details of the instruments to push through. Moreover, the percussion arrangements on this album employ great creativity and hold these tunes together like glue. Everything about this CD, including the interesting songwriting, and especially the musicianship, is top notch. "Fly" demonstrates the mesmerizing sax melodies that bring these instrumentals to life. "Paris" introduces a very nice electric guitar lick, adding to the instrumental diversity. All around, this album radiates musical passion, creativity, and excellent production. This is an excellent addition to any jazz collection.
-Xavier and the Reviewer Team

"Love...A Fable in 9 Acts" by Tracey Whitney (Jazz Artist from Los Angeles, California(CA))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Tracey Whitney with a GrIndie Award for their CD "Love...A Fable in 9 Acts"
"Love...A Fable in 9 Acts" by Tracey Whitney is a smooth jazz album that takes you on a journey through the trials and tribulations of love. Tracey is a veteran of the music industry and her voice is deep, sultry and warm. Accompanying her are sounds and arrangements that take you back to the classic days of R&B. These soundscapes are jazzy and soulful with a heavy Gospel influence. Highlights include the sexy-to-the-max "I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby". Couldn't help but think of the great Barry White when listening to this one. "How Can You Stop Loving Someone" has some nice breaks and an intimate vocal performance. You'll get another great vocal performance on "A Woman In Love". If you like Sade and Roberta Flack, you'll like this one.
-William and the Reviewer Team

"Butch Thomas" by Butch Thomas (Jazz Artist from United Kingdom)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Butch Thomas with a GrIndie Award for their CD "Butch Thomas"
Butch Thomas' self-titled album is an outstanding collection of Nu-Jazz songs brought to you by an industry veteran. Butch's Tenor and Soprano Sax on the album is as smooth as silk. His arrangements are solid and his style is innovative and very modern. Overall, the musicianship on the CD is tremendous and the sound quality is excellent as well. Highlights are the opener "Blues for Miles" taking you back to the 70's a bit with cop show synths and a memorable Sax performance. "Ooga Booga" has some fun percussion elements, but keeps it nice and smooth. "You Dig" is a progressive jazz number with impressive drum work and another solid Sax performance. If you enjoy smooth jazz saxophone and big name artists such as Kenny G or Wayne Shorter, you'll enjoy this CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team