Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Not Just Ragtime" by Ross MacLachlan (Jazz Artist from Ontario, Canada)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Ross MacLachlan with a GrIndie Award for their CD "Not Just Ragtime"
Get ready to boogie woogie to "Not Just Ragtime" by Ross MacLachlan. This album is packed full of foot tappin', smile enducing songs. Mr. MacLachlan is a veteran of Jazz festivals and venues around the world and his piano skills are superior. The album offers original tracks as well as a few classics. The musicianship and recording quality are very good. All together this album is a ton of fun. Highlights include "Kidd's Boogie," with its great horn arrangement and cool breakdown. "Possum and Taters" is the true classic as far as ragtime goes. "Let 'Em Jump" is down home and dirty with a nice deep rolling boogie bass line. If you like Scott Joplin, you will love this one.
-William and the Reviewer Team

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